i’ve been on my period for 14 full days i am so fucking done rn


when you think a grown man making fun of 13 year olds for thinking boys are cute is funny or call people obnoxious whores your opinions on feminism/women’s rights/women’s oppresion don’t fucking count tbh because you’re an idiot you don’t know shit omfg

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i don’t think i have any real desire for like a relationship??? it’s so nice to not have to worry about texting anyone back or like feel forced to spend time w someone and like i’m so sick of ppls lives revolving around dating and i just dont care? i don’t wnana date anyone?

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i don’t want a book about a girl finding the perfect guy and pining for him then angst and then they get together and happily ever after

i don’t want a book about a guy falling madly in love with the cute weird girl and ~~~convincing her to love~~~ and happily ever after

i don’t want to read a book about anyone of any gender or sexuality finding the perfect anyone

i don’t even want a book about anyone of any gender or sexuality finding a shitty anyone

i want a book about a person who learns to be happy without a fucking relationship and who lives their damn life satisfied with them themselves and i don’t want there to be an asterisk on the end of that statement that says *and then they find ___ person after they have learned to be happy with themselves - no, fuck that, i want them to be without a relationship, maybe have casual sex maybe not, maybe have kids maybe not, and die alone and turn that into an awesome thing


i need to stay away from ur blog bc it just makes me mad but at the same time like i can’t bc i like being angry sometimes and i feel like u deserve to be hated by someone bc u r a slut shamer and just an all around jerk

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i really wanna hang out w my friends more but at the same time every day i don’t have work feels like a day closer to work so i wanna spend all of those days on the couch avoiding human interaction you feel?

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your gifs are shit, your blog is ugly, you’re a sexist and a slut shamer, and i fucking hate you

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i wish u weren’t such a fucking asshole bc u have the best blog in my fandom but god do you make me wanna punch something

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